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Undermount Sinks  


Kitchen Undermount Sink 40/60
Dimension: 32''x20-3/4''
Bowl Size L: 16-1/2''x13'' R: 19''x15-3/4''
Depth L: 7'' R: 9''

Kitchen Undermount Sink 50/50
Dimension: 32-1/4''x18-1/2''
Bowl Size: 16-1/2''x14-1/2''
Depth: 9''

Kitchen Undermount Sink 60/40
Dimension: 32''x20-3/4''
Bowl Size L: 19''x15-3/4'' R: 16-1/2''x13''
Depth L: 9'' R: 7''

Kitchen Undermount Single Bowl
Dimension: 31-1/2''x18-1/2''
Bowl Size: 29-1/2''x16-1/2''
Depth: 9''
(Note: Bowl size 21''x16'' also in stock )

Kitchen Undermount Granite Composite Sink 60/40
Dimension: 31-1/2''
Bowl Size: L 18''x16''   R 16-1/2''x12''
Depth:      L 9''           R  7''


Kitchen Undermount D-shape Sink
Dimension: 23-1/4''x21''
Bowl Size: 21-1/2''x19''
Depth: 9''

Bar Undermount Sink 14x14
Dimension: 16''x16''
Bowl Size: 14''x14''
Depth: 8''

Bar Undermount Round Sink 14''
Dimension: Diameter 16''
Bowl Size: Diameter 14''
Depth: 7''

Bar Undermount Sink 11x13
Dimension: 15''x12-3/4''
Bowl Size: 13''x11''
Depth: 7''
(Note: Bowl size 13''x16'' also in stock )

Bathroom Ceramic Udermount Oval Sink
Dimension: 19''x16''
Bowl Size: 17''x14''
Depth: 8''
(Note: Bowl size 15''x12'' also in stock)

Bathroom Ceramic Udermount Rectangle Sink
Dimension: 20''x15''
Bowl Size: 18''x13''
Depth: 7-1/2''

Kitchen Undermount Granite Composite Sink 50/50
Dimension:  32-1/2''
Bowl Size:   17''x14''
Depth: 9''


 Kitchen Cabinet and Granite Countertops in Raleigh NC  


Handmade 16 Gage undermount sink off set 60/40   Length: 33'' Width:20'' Depth: 10''                         off set 40/60 also available 

Handmade 16 Gage undermount sink 50/50   Length: 32'' Width:19'' Depth: 10''                      

Handmade 16 Gage undermount sink single    Length: 32'' Width:19'' Depth: 10''